Roxy's Words of Wisdom
Roxy's Words of Wisdom

  I've got a lot of thoughts about life.  

I hope you will think of them as
Words of Wisdom.

Life's an adventure, if that's what you make it.
Life is like a river,
and you're riding on the currents of time.
Don't let bad people make you bad too.
It's nice to be nice.
The more you learn,
the more you can teach others.
The more you learn, the smarter you grow.
I like bananas, apples, peaches and you!
The best things in life aren't things.
They're friends.
An apple a day might keep the doctor away,
but a banana or two couldn't hurt!
Everyone is an individual.
Nobody is like you and nobody is like me,
except for you and except for me!

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