The Rainbow Raccoons - Boo and the Old Car

Boo and the Old Car
Once while visiting a friend in a wooded area, I came across a place with old cars. And I'll never forget this one old car.

The paint had long lost it's shine, the hood was bent a little out of shape, the tires were gone and the bumper was crumbling with rust.

Yellow wild flowers keep the old car from being lonely as the sun crosses the sky each day. During the long summer nights, the light from the moon glows upon the weathered automobile, with a sparkle in the windshield, as the crickets play their familiar tunes.

I wonder how many people drove that old car. It must have been so long ago when that car was brand new. It must have been someone's pride and joy, as they drove through the country with the windows down enjoying a cool fall breeze.

How many places had that old car traveled? Florida, California, Ohio, South Dakota, North Carolina?

Now the old car sits in this field letting time go by without a worry in the world. I'll never forget that old car.

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