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Project NeverStart

  • Miss Culver City 1997
  • Miss South Coast Counties 1998

"The Miss America Program has given me a springboard for creating Project NeverStart. Through my involvement, I've gotten approximately 1,000 pledges to NeverStart!! Please join all the others in pledging to a healthy lifestyle."

I chose this issue as my platform because: My grandfather died long before I was ever born of lung cancer, directly caused from cigarette smoking. Not only have I lost the opportunity to know my grandfather, but also my mother has severe health problems from growing up in a house filled with his second-hand smoke. Furthermore, my mother never had the opportunity to develop healthy lungs because my grandmother smoked while pregnant with her.

The loss of my grandfather and my mother's poor health has given me the incentive to ensure that our next generation lives long enough to know their grandchildren.

Project NeverStart teaches:

  • Education - about the addictive nature and health concerns of cigarettes

  • Awareness - cigarettes are not glamorous, as tobacco companies make them out to be

  • Action - advocacy; encouraging youngsters to make an early commitment to NeverStart smoking

Take the Project NeverStart Pledge:

I _________ pledge to NeverStart smoking.

Becky Snyder crowns a young girl who has taken the pledge to NeverStart!

For more information, please check out these two web sites:

Tobacco Free Kids
Rainbow Raccoons - Be Smart. Don't Start.

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