The Rainbow Raccoons' Safety Book

In case of EMERGENCY, Daughter or Son,
Pick up the Phone and call 9-1-1


Roller-blading and roller-skating,
like many other sporting activities,
can be dangerous.

Proper training, supervision and protective equipment
are recommended for any such activities.

You will have more fun and less to fear
When you play it SMART and Get in Gear!

Always wear your life preserver while you're in a boat
In case you fall overboard, you will surely want to float!

Make sure your smoke detector gives a beep
So it will warn you of fire, even while you sleep!

There are two things every kid should remember,
The address of home and their telephone number!

Before you chase your ball - across the road or street,
Be sure to look BOTH WAYS - before you move your feet!

Pour on some water and stir the ash,
Or else a new fire could start in a flash!

Never take a ride with a stranger
Because it will put you in danger!


Guns in households with children should be locked up
or should be secured with a trigger lock!

Never ever play with a gun
It is DANGEROUS, not for fun.

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